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Introduction on the academic faculties

| Date:2013-05-14
Academic Faculty
(1)Prof. Sun Hexu was born in August 1956 in Jinzhou, Liaoning Province, postgraduate qualifications, doctor of engineering, professor, doctoral tutor.
  Sun has studied in Fuxin Mining Institute of electrical at mechanical services department in March 1978 to January 1982 and got a bachelor’s degree. From September 1984 to December 1986, he got a Master’s degree in department of electromechanical of Fuxin Mining Institute and Northeastern University. In addition, he finished his doctoral studies in department of automatic control of Northeastern University.
  In January 1982, Sun stayed in Fuxin Mining Institute to be an assistant. In December 1986 to September 1992, he was the director of automation institute in Fuxin Mining Institute as associate professor. In September 1993 to August 1997, he was the head of department of electrical engineering in Liaoning Engineering Technology University as professor. In August 1997 to December 2000, he came to Hebei University of Technology and became the director of automaton institute and the dean of School of Electrical Engineering and Information. From December 2000 to June 2012, he was the deputy secretary of Hebei University of Technology. Since June 2012, Sun is the president and deputy secretary of Hebei University of Science and Technology.
  Sun is a standing director of Chinese Electrotechnical Society(CES), a member of Automation Teaching in Colleges and Universities Steering Committee, a president of Hebei Electrotechnical Society, the vice president of Hebei Association of Higher Education, the vice director of Tianjin Society for Electrical Engineering, the vice director of Hebei Society of Metallurgical, the vice president of Tianjin Wind Energy Association, the chief of Hebei wind power industry roadmap, the director of Engineering Research Center of State Education Ministry, the director of Hebei Engineering Research Center, the person in charge of automation teaching group in national level and Hebei automation key discipline teaching, a senior member of IEEE.
  Sun has long been engaged in teaching and research work in the field of automation, specially the engineering systems and control. As a project leader, he has presided over 45 research projects. The results are shown as follows.
   National Level:
    National High Technology Research and Development Program of China;
    Natural Science Foundation of China, national scientists service enterprise project;
    National Defence Pre-research Foundation;
    Science and technology innovation project of State Economic and Trade Commission;
    Scenery storage demonstration projects of Ministry of Science and Technology.
    Provincial Level:
    National Science Foundation of Hebei and Tianjin;
    Hebei science and technology support plan;
   Science and technology research project;
    Application and demonstration project of CIMS.
   The results of scientific research are agreed Hebei technological progress award. There are two first prize, four second prize and one first prize of Hebei Teaching Results.
   There are hundreds of papers published in “Automatica”, “Acta Automatica Sinica”, “Proceedings of the CSEE”, “Transactions of China Electrotechnical Society” and so on. What’s more, there are 11 patents for invention and 5 software copyrights.
(2)Prof. Zhao Jiang was born in December 1958, professor, graduate advisor. In March 1982, Zhao had learned in Hebei Institute of Mechanical in the department of Electrical industrial automation.

    After got professional graduate master’s degree in automation, Tianjin University from August to June, Zhao took a visit to the United Kingdom King’s College London for study and collaborative research. From March 1982 to May 1993 in Hebei Institute of Electrical and Mechanical Services Department of Automation, he came to be an assistant lecturer as associate professor. From May 1993 to December 1999, Zhao was the deputy director of the Hebei University of Science and Technology Department of Automation, the deputy director of the Department of Control Science and Engineering. Many students have studied the lessons as the principle of automatic control, automatic control system, semiconductor converter technology, the system identification and linear systems theory which are in the class of Zhao. His main research direction is the process parameter detection and intelligent control technology, information fusion and fault diagnosis. Now Zhao is the executive director of the Association of Automation of Hebei province, is a member of Ministry of Education Undergraduate Teaching.
    In recent years, Zhao presided over the completion of the main research the National Natural Science Foundation of “Optimal control of bio-fermentation process”(Project No.6884009), provincial natural science foundation “Information fusion research in pipeline network fault system leak diagnosis ”(F2010000893) and other sixteen province scientific and technological results.  He completed three provincial education teaching research and three published teaching materials. He got many awards including provincial science, technology progress award and teaching results. “Control Theory and Applications” and “Information and control” published his papers as first author. The number of papers up to twenty-nine what including nine were published by EI.
(3)Prof. Wu Xueli was born in July 1961 in Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang Province, a member of the NLD, professor, doctoral tutor. Wu is the director of Hebei production process automation engineering technology research center which is the Hebei Province key laboratory. He is also the vice chairman of Youth Committee and Chinese Association of Automation in Hebei. In December 2004, Wu was appointed the dean of the School of Electrical Engineering and Information in Hebei University of Science and Technology. Wu has hosted and completed more than 10 provincial and ministerial research projects, including armored vehicle live fire training system which got the first prize by the army in 2005 and other prize in Hebei Province scientific and technological progress. He has published more than 80 papers, including more than 20 papers indexed by SCI. Published 2 monographs.

(4)Prof. Guo Yanping was born in September 1965, the dean of the School of Electrical Engineering, professor, graduate advisor. In July 1988, Guo, as a master of science, graduated from the Department of Mathematics in Hebei Normal University. In July 2003, Guo obtained his doctor degree in Beijing Institute of Technology. In January 2004, he got his postdoctoral degree in Ocean University of China. After that, he involved in Hebei Province “333 Talent Project” second-level candidates in 2009, was popular in the teaching of Hebei University of Science and Technology.
 He is a member of Hebei Mathematics Society and Operations Research Association and Hebei Provincial Higher Accreditation Committee. He mainly engaged in the field of boundary value problems and differential dynamic systems, optimization of complex systems theory and applications.
 His results were published in “J.Math.Anal.Appl.”, “J.Comput.Appl.Math.”, “Appl mathe Lett.”, “Appl Math Comput.” , “Mathematics”, “Annals of Mathematics”,” Applied Mathematics Journal of systems” and “Science and Mathematics”. There are more than 100 papers, 38 of which are indexed by SCI. Host and completed the main research including National Natural Science Foundation, National 863 Project, Doctoral Fund of the Ministry of Education, Hebei Province Natural Science Foundation of which up to 15 topics. Published five books.
  He got many awards of the National Mathematical Contest in Modeling as the leader and instructor. “Research of dynamical properties of self-map” and “Research of fuzzy predictive control mechanism in complex systems” got the second prize in Hebei province. “Reform and practice of teaching in calculus” got the third prize in excellent teaching achievement in Hebei province. “Discussion about teaching principle” got the third prize. The PhD thesis was excellent doctoral dissertation in Beijing Institute of Technology.
(5)Prof. Liang Yongchun was born in October 1971, PhD, associate professor, master tutor. In June 1995, Liang got a bachelor’s degree in Hebei University of Technology in the department of Electrical Engineering. In March 1998, he got a master’s degree in the Department of Electrical Engineering, Fuzhou University. In March 2009, he finished his PhD education in Xi’an Jiaotong University School of Electrical Engineering. In 2012, he follows the experts at the University of Southampton to study the high-power superconducting wind turbine.
Now Liang is a teacher of Hebei University of Science and Technology. In School of Electrical Engineering, he mainly engaged in capacity assessment of high-voltage power cable group carrying, the detect of power cable, the aging condition assessment of power cable, online detection and control of permanent magnet DC motor, design of wind generators and converter.
    National Natural Science Foundation;
    Natural Science Foundation of Hebei Province;
    Four other provincial projects;
    Shijiazhuang Municipal Science and Technology Bureau project;
    Department of Education project;
    Provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological progress which got second prize;
    One third prize of scientific and technological progress in Shijiazhuang City;
    Two patents authorized;
    One registration of software .
    Four textbooks, more than 70 academic papers published, including 5 papers in SCI, 40 in EI .
(6)Prof. Li Zheng was born in Hebei, China, in 1980. He received the B.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering and power electronics and electric drive from Hefei University of Technology, Hefei, China, in 2002 and 2007, respectively. Since 2007, he has been a Lecturer and Associate Professor with the School of Electrical Engineering, Hebei University of Science and Technology. He is the author of more than 60 published papers. He charged the projects of Natural Science Foundation of China and Hebei Province. He is the vice dean of school of electrical engineering, Hebei University of Science and Technology.
His current research interests include design, analysis, and control of novel motors and actuators, intelligent control, and power electronics.