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Notice on the application of 2014 year Hebei province science and technology projects

| Date:2013-05-14

The Science and Technology Department of Hebei province has issued "guidelines for 2014 year Hebei province science and technology plan project" (referred to as the "guide"), began to accept 2014 year Hebei province science and technology research and development projects to declare the work, reporting work to do a good job in my school, we will declare matters are hereby notified as follows:
    The centralized service projects include:    the implementation of scientific and technological support project,  major scientific and technological achievements project, special applied basic research (including provincial natural science fund project), construction of infrastructure of science and technology, international cooperation in science and technology, soft science research and science, the SME Technology Innovation Fund of science and technology plan.
     May 9th - May 15th will be on the application research is reviewed and review.
     May 17th - 19 day research review and submitted to the competent administrative department.
     Please pay attentation to the notice and parepare the materials.