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Professor Zhu Quanmin visited and gave lectures to our school

Author:LI Zheng | Date:2013-05-14
  On April 15th, Professor of University of  West England, famous control theory expert Professor Zhu Quanmin is invited to viusit and give lectures to school of electrical engineering, the theme of "innovation and learning method" lectures are carried out in the electrical floor conference room.
    In the lecture, Professor Zhu Quanmin introduced the characteristics of British innovation activities to everybody, combined with the British university and his experience in the teaching and Research University in the UK, expounds the differences between Britain and China higher education philosophy, teaching methods, teaching contents and characteristics from different point of views to everybody, and innovative thinking idea, introduce feasible learning methods. Professor Zhu also encouraged the students to improve their creative consciousness, learn how to innovative learning methods, and promote learning and living standard of their time in learning from innovation.
     This lecture is an important content of our open policy, activities supported by the office of international exchange and cooperation and scientific research. Hundreds of teachers and students listened the lecture.