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Introduction on School of Electrical Engineering in Hebei University of Science and Technology

Author:LI | Date:2013-05-19
    The School of Electrical Engineering in Hebei University of Science and Technology contains 3 departments, including Electrical Engineering, Automation, Measurement and Control, Biomedical Engineering, and Hebei Engineering Technology Research Center of production process automation, Hebei Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of production process. Now, the academy had achieved two first level subjects of master’s degree (control theory and control engineering, biomedical engineering), one second level subject of master’s degree( Electrical Machinery and Apparatus), two professional degree field (Control Engineering and Electrical Engineering), four undergraduate majors(electrical engineering and automation, automation and control technology and instrumentation and biomedical engineering), in which electrical engineering and automation, automation, measurement and control technology and instrument are the group of Hebei Province the first undergraduate enrollment professional. At present, nearly 1600 undergraduate and more than 150 postgraduates are studied in the school.
     The Institute have 78 faculty members, of whom 11 are professors , 34 are associate professors, 15 teachers with a doctorate ,2 doctoral tutors and 20 master instructors, 1 Hebei famous teacher, 4 famous teachers in Hebei University of Science and Technology, 1 pacesetter in Hebei province. Detection Technology and Automation Devices is the key disciplines in universities of Hebei Province. Four basic courses that “motor learning”, “micro-computer control technology”, “process automation instrumentation” and “automatic control theory” are the provincial quality courses. Youth committee of the Chinese Association of Automation, Hebei Association for Artificial Intelligence, Association of Automation process control and device professional commeittee of Hebei Province and Shijiazhuang City Association of Automation are anchored in our college. The resource of teachers in the college is strong. The adaptability of each specialty is strong. The social demand of graduates is great. The main destination of graduates is large and medium-sized enterprises and power industries of Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Shanxi, Hebei and other provinces and cities. 
   The school continues to strengthen the educational reform, vigorously strengthen the practice of education, build distinctive features' experimental teaching platform with radiation exemplary role and have Hebei Province, Provincial Key Laboratory of Technology Research Center of the production process Automation Engineering,. Engineering Technology Research Center has four laboratory (sensing and intelligent processing, detection and information fusion, intelligent control of complex industrial process, manufacturing process control and management), and five laboratories (automation training, electric drive, PLC, process control and motor), a college students’ science and technology innovation lab. The used area of laboratory is 12000 square meters, there are 40 experimental teaching staffs, in which there is a expert enjoying special government allowance, equipment with a total investment of 31.24 million yuan. Currently college covers 18 professional and 3005 people and teaches 24.8 million hours a year. There are 7 master second level disciplines belonging to engineering technology research center. In recent years, the engineering center undertaken and completed more than 70 Hebei Province scientific and technological projects including 863 Program, National Natural Science Foundation, Ministry of National Education, Natural Science Foundation of Hebei Province, get 13 national and provincial awards, including National Science and Technology Progress Award 2, Hebei Science and Technology Progress Award 1, an army of scientific and technological progress second prize, Hebei Science and Technology Progress Award 1, Hebei Province and Technology Progress Award 7. The total project funding is nearly 2500 million. In the past five years, our college published 496 academic papers, which include SCI 42, EI 295; and published 10 academic monographs; won 6 the national invention patent; got 3 major horizontal issues with more than the contract amount of 100 million yuan.
   The school carried out a variety of academic exchange activities, hired the president of the Chinese Association of Automation, cybernetics and artificial intelligence experts, Dai Ruwei who is academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chai Tianyou who is academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Wang Zicai and Tang Renyuan academicians. They made a total of 16 academic reports. Hired Yanshang University’s professor named Guan xinping, to be the distinguished professor of the detection technology and automation devices subject. Our college participates actively in domestic and international academic conferences in order to strengthen academic exchanges with foreign.
    Teachers in the school work carefully. The students have a right attitude to study with strong interest in learning. The pass rate of CET4, CET6 and computer is very high in the school. We encourage the students come to the laboratory to do some experiments in advance. The students got 15 gold medals in national aerospace model championship. What’s more, they have published more than 50 papers in a variety of publications, including 11 papers which was involved in major index. The enterprises think highly of our graduates.
    In recent years, the school has made considerable progress in the teaching staff, teaching reform, scientific research, personnel training and other aspects, Students' employment rate and the admission rate has risen every year, a large number of outstanding graduates went to the society. Many peers come to exchange experiences and give high praise to the work of our college. Now, under the leadership of party committees, the School of Electrical Engineering and Information continue to develop the reform of teaching and the management of teaching, in order to improve the level of strength and the standard of teaching. We believe that our college will have a better future.